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'F--- off Nazi scum': West End hits back at homophobic posters

Hurtful posters attacking LGBTIQ families have been plastered around West End but it did not take long for the community to fight back. The posters were plastered across the inner-Brisbane suburb with messages bizarrely and inaccurately claiming: "A vote for gay marriage is a vote for child abuse." Homophobic posters have appeared in West End, Brisbane ahead of the marriage postal vote. But they have all been defaced; either ripped down entirely, drawn over or shredded. Another shows a photo of a heterosexual family with the words "This is a family", followed by a photo of a gay family and the words "This is not", and then "A vote for gay marriage is a vote for child abuse". Someone has scrawled: "F--- Mortgage brokers Oak Laurel West End, 0430 129 662 off Nazi scum" in texta underneath the "This is a family, this is not" poster on Russell Street. The walls and fences of West End are also pasted with colourful posters stating "Yes to marriage equality" and encouraging people to attend a rally next month. It comes ahead of the same-sex marriage postal vote, due to arrive in letterboxes from next month. LGBTI Legal Service president Matilda Alexander said the service would consider making a complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland against the people responsible for the posters. "Queensland has a provision which provides protection for sexuality and gender identification vilification," Ms Alexander said. "These kinds of posters would actually incite hatred against gay people on the whole because of their sexuality by making links between child abuse. "Already there have been cases in the New South Wales jurisdiction that have confirmed that where people make online posts or online statements that connect gay sexuality with pedophilia or child abuse, that actually constitutes unlawful public vilification." Ms Alexander said homophobic views were not protected by freedom of speech provisions.

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